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Basket FAQ

  • What are the baskets made out of?
    • They are made out of double sided satin ribbon. I dip it in clear glue and let it dry before I weave. That gives the ribbon a bit more body.
  • How do the baskets hold their shape?
    • The weave of the basket holds the ribbons close to each other and enforces the angle that each ribbon takes. Each point on the basket is at least 4 ribbons thick, and can be up to 6 ribbons thick. The dip in the glue that I do before I weave also helps, but the glue can break down the more the ribbon is handled.
  • Why do these baskets look different from regular baskets?
    • The triaxial weave has weavers going in three directions (at a 60 degree angle) while most baskets have weavers that go in two directions (at a 90 degree angle). The 60 degree angle provides the 3D optical illusion of blocks.
  • What can I put in these baskets?
    • Anything you want. I would tend towards lighter objects (probably not rocks, for instance). Candy, jewelry, charging cords, masks, precious objects, paper clips, rubber bands, etc. One customer requested a tall basket that she uses to hide a sharps container for her son’s diabetes needles. Or you can just display them. I use one for the spools of thread that I use when making my baskets (two tiny tacks per basket). I also use one for the small clips that hold the ribbons together during construction of the baskets.
  • How do I care for the baskets?
    • The baskets are made from ribbon, which is a fabric. It will wrinkle like fabric does if you crush the basket. So I don’t advise sitting on them. If they get dirty, you can spot clean them with water.


  • How do you ship the baskets
    • I ship the baskets carefully packed via the United States Post Office. If you live outside of the US, please contact me.
  • What is the cost of shipping
    • All orders containing baskets have a shipping cost of $10.00
    • Ornament orders have a shipping cost of $3.00

Custom Orders

I am happy to make exactly the basket that you want. Please email me at


How many colors? I usually use three colors as this shows the 3 dimensional look the best, but other patterns can be generated with two colors, or with more. “Confetti” baskets contain many colors arranged randomly

Which colors? While the colors you choose are a matter of personal preference, it is imporant to consider their “value”. To compare values, look at the colors in black and white. If you are looking for the 3 dimensional look, then you will want to choose three colors that have different “values”. If you choose colors with similar values (such as all pastels), any pattern will be more subtle.


You can choose among these shapes for your basket (see examples in my shop):

  • Hexagonal
  • Rectangular (ribbon only)
  • Triangular with slanted sides
  • Triangular with vertical sides
  • Wall Hanging
  • Icosahedron
  • Tetrahedron

Material size:

1/4″, 3/8″, 5/8″ ribbon. (The thinner ribbons produce sturdier baskets)

1/2″, 1″ metal.


The size of the basket depends on the number of strips that are used in the base. The physical size of the basket depends on the number of strips and their width.


You can choose a shallow or deep basket, please specify the height in inches.